Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Linkan,

This past week was very busy for you again! Over the weekend we went up to Eagar to spend the weekend with the Donaldson's. You had a very good weekend and had fun with all of the attention that you got. I barely get to hold you when we go up there because everyone else always wants to hold you and play with you. Mostly we just relaxed and this is one of my favorite pictures of you just relaxing with Grandma.

While we were there Aunt Shiloh wanted to be silly and take some goofy pictures of us, here are some of my favorites:)

Since being back you have been busy learning new things and just hanging out with me. We got a Bumbo and it is my new favorite thing because it is finally something that you like to spend time in. Your not a big fan of your swing, so if I ever get busy I usually just have to do it one handed or set you down and let you fuss. Not any more:) You love the Bumbo because it lets you sit up and watch me while I'm doing things. You will sit in it for extended periods of time as long as you can see me, the second I go out of view you typically start to get fussy again.

You also laughed for the first time today!!! It was the cutest thing ever and I was so glad I was able to catch some on video!!! I love that you are always so happy and I just know that soon you will be laughing all the time, I'm so excited!! Also, check out your outfit, my best friend Jacque Weech got that for you for Christmas and I love it! You look so cute in it, it is so fluffy and fun.

Dad and I still think that you are the best baby ever and we love seeing the new things that you are learning every day!

I love you, Love Mom

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